Have you ever wondered what are the 3 green foods to keep your digestive system running? Well if you haven’t but you are looking for them now because you have problems with your stomach then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to give you the names of the green foods which help you with your digestive system and also what are the elements that make them so special.

  • Legumes

You probably know this by know but we are still going to say it, legumes are extraordinary foods because they are full of nutrients and especially fibers. The ideal legumes which can help you with your digestive system are the lentils. It is ideal to consume the greenest lentils you can find because they are very good. You should eat about a half a cup of lintels but make sure that they are organic, that they did not use chemicals.

  • Seasonal fruit

Fruits are wonderful gift coming from nature. Because they do not grow all year round you have to choose your fruits according to season. You should not choose fruits which are not available in your season even if you see them on the market because it order to get to your town they have traveled a very long way which means that all the chemicals and the fumes which the machine eliminated have entered your fruit. You do not want to bring into your body fruits which have lost their taste because they are out of season and who have a big concentration of fumes in them.

In fall and winter you should eat: apples and pears but keep in mind that the skin must be left on the fruit. In spring and summer you should eat blackberries because they are full of fiber.

  • Season vegetables

When it comes to vegetables the same rule applies as for the fruits, you should buy them only when they are in season. During spring and summer you should eat broccoli because it’s rich in fiber, a half a cup of broccoli has about 4 grams of fiber. In the winter you should eat vegetables such as spinach and potatoes. If you have the possibility, buy baby spinach because if very rich in fiber.

These are the 3 green foods to keep your digestive system running during the fall/winter and also during spring and summer.

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