Did you know that there are 7 green foods with extraordinary healing powers, just 7 but with extraordinary results. As many of you are ware food plays an important role in our life. Since we tend to eat almost everything that we find it is very important to know that not all food are good for our bodies and that we should learn how to make the right choices. When you are looking for something to eat you should choose foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can opt for healthy foods even when you are preparing the menu for your wedding day, because there are numerous delicious combinations that a good cook can apply in order to come up with something that every guest will enjoy.

Here are the foods which you should include in your diet because they make wonders:

  • Spinach: this vegetable should not miss from your diet because it is green and full of vitamin such as: vitamin A, B6, C, K and E, a lot of magnesium, calcium, Selenium, Zinc and Iron. Because of all the wonderful things it provides us it is a powerful tool against breast and skin cancer.
  • Carrots: there are few people who do not like carrots but what many people do not know is that this vegetable makes wonders to our immune system. It is very tasty and most of all it has little calories and no cholesterol which means that you can include it in your diet.
  • Kale: this vegetable is included in our 7 green foods with extraordinary healing powers because it helps our body to detoxify. If you have problems with cholesterol this vegetable will help reduce it, also it will protect you from several types of skin cancer.
  • Cherries: cherries are not available to us all year round but when we do have we should eat them because they are full of vitamins and they have anti-aging properties. Scientist have discovered that cherries are good at improving memory loss.
  • Broccoli: this vegetable is absolutely incredible, it helps fight cancer and birth defects. It helps you immune system very much and also our bones. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Guava: nit many people know that by eating the guava fruit they are doing a lot of good to their bodies. It prevents skin problems, cancer, it helps with heart problems and it is very good if you are keeping a diet.
  • Kiwi: the last green food on our list is kiwi. This fruit is ideal for those who suffer from diabetes, it also helps prevent skin cancer.

These are the 7 green foods with extraordinary healing powers that you should eat at all times.

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