Eco-Friendly Dehumidifiers

June - 1 - 2015

The dehumidifier is a reliable help in adjusting the level of humidity at home or at the office, in case you have problems with excessive air moisture. This efficient unit has the ability to absorb the water vapors in the air so that you will feel more comfortable, your health will be protected and so will be your home. A dehumidifier that is also eco-friendly is the best you can get for your house and for the environment since these models absorb the air humidity without releasing harmful emissions into the air and without requiring much electricity. Here is what it takes for a dehumidifier to be eco-friendly and which are the best models you can rely on.


An adjustable humidistat allows you to set the humidity level you want the dehumidifier to reach so that you will have control over the operating time. Built-in humidistats also reduce the energy consumption of the dehumidifier once the right humidity is reached by setting the fan and the compressor to run intermittently.

Programmable timer

In most cases, you need a dehumidifier that does not require your constant attention and that you will be sure it will only work when needed. To solve this problem, some dehumidifiers come with a programmable timer that allows you to set the period of time when you want the unit to run and when it should stop. This way you will avoid additional energy costs when the humidity has already reached the desired level.

Energy Star label

The Energy Star label means that the unit will use 15% less electricity in order to operate, compared to units that are not Energy Star qualified. This is due to the manufacturing process that includes more efficient components like compressors, refrigerator coils and fans that can help you save around $200 in the total energy cost of the unit.

Eco-friendly refrigerants

The Eco-Friendly refrigerant is the most innovative component of the dehumidifier and it makes the units more economical and environmentally friendly. The R-410A refrigerant does not contribute to ozone depletion, makes the dehumidifiers more durable and minimizes the operating noise.

Models of eco-friendly dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers such as Aqua Dri Advanced Slimline, Eva Dry or Prem-I-Air, can draw the moisture out of the air without causing any harm to the environment or without using too much electricity. Besides, they come with smart features that increase their efficiency in environmentally friendly ways so that the benefits will be double. The Aqua Dri Advanced dehumidifier uses a desiccant, which is a powerful humidity-absorbing material that retains the moisture in the air while the Prem-I-Air works on thermo-electric technology and has no compressor or refrigerants. If you wish to discover even more Eco-friendly dehumidifiers, we advise you to visit the website. On that site you will find a wide variety of dehumidifiers, each one analyzed according to their features and their energy efficiency.

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