Eco Friendly Garage Doors

January - 29 - 2016

Many people have turned to a “green” lifestyle, making sure that they make choices in their lives to help protect the environment. It may sound weird, but the garage door can be “green” too, and if you want to change your garage door with an Eco-friendly model, you should read the following lines to better understand these “green” garage doors.

Materials used in the manufacturing process

All people who lead a “green” lifestyle can’t stand to see a tree getting cut down to produce different items and products, and if you are a friend and protector of our planet yourself, the last thing you want to do is to participate in the process of destroying it. Eco-friendly garage doors are made from recyclable components, and one of the best manufacturers of Eco-friendly garage doors are the Garaga doors, using completely recyclable aluminum, and steel that is 25% recycled. A garage door produced by this manufacturer will last you for 25 years, needing less maintenance than other garage doors on the market, and the best part is that you know that no trees were cut down for its production.

Manufacturing process

When producing Eco-friendly garage doors, all leftover scrap materials like cardboard, polystyrene, and metal are used to be more efficient when it comes to the materials used, and the process itself is energy efficient as well. Those who manufacture these kinds of doors make sure they don’t cause unnecessary wastage and that they don’t misuse energy, therefore this kind of door is the ideal choice for people who care about the environment.

Energy efficiency

A “green” garage door will save you money on the long term due to its energy efficiency.
We mentioned before the doors produced by Garaga, because they are Eco-friendly. When it comes to energy efficiency, this manufacturer makes it possible for the garage door to save on energy costs due to additional features that improve its energy efficiency like sealed thermopane windows, and triple contact interlocking.

To make your garage door even more Eco-friendly, you should invest in a modern garage door opener like the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive, and you can have this garage door opener for the price of $280. According to numerous reviews, this is the most reliable garage door opener in 2016.

It’s energy efficient, it provides you with a more comfortable way of opening and closing the garage door, you can keep an eye on the door and close it or open it even if you’re not at home, being able to control the garage door opener over the smartphone. Another reason why this is the┬ámost reliable garage door opener in 2016 is the fact that it has safety features that will prevent damage to the garage door and to anyone that gets close to it due to the special sensors that don’t allow the door to close if there’s an obstacle in its way.

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