Humidifiers are efficient devices which can improve the quality of the air in our home. They can not only adjust the humidity levels but the newest models can even be used for adding fragrance to the air in a room or for aerosol treatments. If you are concerned for both the environment as well as your utility bills, you should choose a humidifier which uses very little energy. There are even some devices which use no energy at all. Still, these devices are very basic and they have no convenience features. Therefore, we recommend you to try some ultrasonic humidifiers with low energy consumptions. In this article, we have gathered information from the best ultrasonic humidifier reviews.

  • Air-O-Swiss 7144

According to various ultrasonic humidifier reviews, Air-O-Swiss 7144 is one of the best humidifiers on the market. Its $199.99 price tag may scare some people as it is 2-3 times more expensive than average humidifiers. Nevertheless, this device will help you recuperate some of the money invested in it through low utility bills and a high level of comfort which will eliminate the need for sinus or allergy treatments or expensive skin moisturizers. It is designed for rooms up to 650 square feet and it features numerous convenience features such as built-in hygrostat, intelligent temperature compensation, demineralization cartridge, adjustable timer, mist output control and many more. Furthermore it is highly durable and virtually silent.

  • Stadler Form William

This humidifier model is also not among the cheapest such devices on the market but it is amongst the best. Its $239.99 price tag is justified by its many features such as dual mist technology, integrated hygrostat, Ionic Silver Cube (destroys microbes), anti-calcium cartridge, 3 rates of mist output, sleep mode, auto mode, timer mode, adjustable humidity levels, automatic shut-off and virtually silent operation. Furthermore, it only consumes 40 watts .

  • Sunpentown SU-4010

If the two humidifiers presented above exceed your budget plan, you may find Sunpentown SU-4010 to be more suitable for your needs. For only $84.95, this humidifier delivers an excellent performance. It covers rooms up to 500 square feet. It has an ION exchange filter which removes magnesium and scale forming calcium from hard water. It emits both cool mist and warm mist and it only consumes 40 watts on cool mist and 80 watts on warm mist.
We hope that you found these ultrasonic humidifier reviews helpful and that they aided you in finding the perfect device for your home. Regardless of the model you choose, buying a humidifier will turn your home into a refreshing and relaxing environment.

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