Based on many experts’ opinions, infrared heaters can keep you warm and comfortable by providing safe heat that is similar to the sun rays. Instead of using energy to heat the ambient temperature, an infrared panel produces heat by emitting an infrared band which can be absorbed by the human body without having any negative effects. Due to the modern technology that they use, these units can help you reduce your heating costs by 50%, so they represent a great alternative to the traditional heaters.

The Star XL Infrared Heater

According to numerous customer infrared heater reviews, this is a one of the most efficient infrared heaters. The Star XL is a reliable source of heat that comes with two power adjustments, which gives you the possibility to control the power as you think is best. So, depending on your needs, you can make special settings for smaller or larger spaces. You don’t have to worry about a high power consumption, because this product can cover up 1.000 square feet while delivering an energy-effective operation. The Star XL integrates a safety switch, and some very solid elements that were designed to last minimum 20.000 hours. Furthermore, it contains an electronic thermostat that features an LCD display, and a remote for easy control. The additional casters allow you to move it from one place to another without encountering any difficulties, so the manufacturers focused on building a unit that can satisfy all your needs.

Eco Heat Infrared heaters

Eco heat products work with radiant heat that provides warmth using a technology which can help you reduce power consumption in a significant way. Traditional heaters involve a higher power consumption because they can keep you warm only by heating your indoor air, and that requires more energy. Infrared panels operate by heating individuals and objects, so that is why they use less energy. Considering many infrared heater reviews, the Eco Heat units deliver sun-like warmth, and they also feature competitive prices. Another important aspect is that they can heat open spaces, which means that they are perfect for outdoor use as well. Moreover, they don’t release any pollutants into the atmosphere, and they don’t extract moisture from the air.

The Heat Smart Liberty Infrared Heater

The most impressive thing about this product is that it integrates a ceramic component that can heat very fast once you turn it on.. The infrared warmth that it delivers is very practical when it comes to achieving the highest comfort and maximum savings, while the extra coating provides you more safety by protecting you and your family from burns and other inconveniences. You don’t even have to worry about the unit overheating because the Heat Smart Liberty comes with a safety switch and a breaker fuse for extra protection. So, if one fails to shut off the heater when is required, the other one will.

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