Beauty products and styling tools are designed to enhance one’s beauty, to hide the flaws and highlight the most beautiful features, so most people have a large arsenal of beauty enhancers at home. What most people don’t know is that these products can be harmful to the environment due to the manufacturing process or the ingredients and components used in making them. To minimize the effect on nature, several manufacturers have designed green beauty products and Eco-friendly styling tools, so decide to choose these ones if you want to bring your share to protecting the environment.

Juice Beauty Blemish Be Gone

This zit zapper is very easy to apply thanks to its baton shape that allows you to use it the instant you walk out the door. It contains willow bark–derived salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory aloe, two natural ingredients with extremely efficient properties in healing zits and zits spots.

OCC Pure Cosmetic Pigments

Most eye shadows are made of chemical powders that irritate the skin and are also harmful to the environment once you dispose of them. But the OCC Pure Cosmetic Pigments is an eye shadow pallet made from crushed minerals and semi precious stones that offer the products the unbelievably intense shades.

John Masters Organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Face Serum

As the name itself suggests, this is an organic face serum which contains natural vitamin C and sea algae extract that fight age signs, protects the skin against environmental enemies and promotes the collagen synthesis.

Castor oil eyelash growth serum

Instead of buying an eyelash growth serum that contains chemicals and could harm your eyes, opt for the natural castor oil, a magical ingredient that can promote the hair growth more than any chemical product. Mix the castor oil with other oils like coconut or olive oil, add some vitamin E and A and you will have the most efficient and natural eyelash growth serum.

FHI Heat Do More flat iron

This is one of the best rated flat irons of the moment. There are many flat irons on the market that use plenty of power to create an excessive amount of heat that not only damages your hair but also the environment. However, the FHI Heat Do More mode is nothing like that. This is an Eco-Friendly styling product that automatically adjusts the level of temperature so that you will not waste electricity by overheating your hair. The adjustable temperature feature and the quality components that it is made of make this FHI styling tool one of the best rated flat irons.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Razor blades may be cheap and easy to use, but once you throw them away they become dangerous to the environment, so consider replacing them with an electric shaver. This model is very efficient due to the nano blades that assure a precise and close cut and the adjustable pivoting head that follows the face’s contour. Being suitable for both wet and dry shaving, it will help you save water and the fact that it is rechargeable means there will be fewer batteries used.

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