This year we have had the opportunity to see green cars at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and we have come to the conclusion that pretty soon these are going to be the cars that we will buy. We have had the opportunity to see some amazing cars from BMW to Audi and VW. Some of the models are available now some will be available as soon as the infrastructure allows them to be produced and sold. Here we are going to present to you the most important cars that we saw at the auto show in Frankfurt.


  • BMW i8 Concept

 This year BMW has wowed us with its green model called BMW i8 Concept. This model is a sports car and has two different types of running. On one had we have the electrical power on which the car can run and on the other side we have the combustion engine. The end result is a car that does not consume a lot of gas but who has excellent performance.

  • BMW i3 Concept

Another green car which BMW presented at the auto show is the BMW i3 Concept also known as Megacity Vehicle. This model is the first car launched by the company who runs entirely on electricity. The model will probably be launched in 2013.

  • Audi Urban Concept

At Frankfurt Audi also has a green car to present known as the Audi Urban Concept. They entire car weighs about 480 kg and it is said to be the commuting car of the future. When the company designed this car it wanted to create a model that combines a race car with a town car.

  •    Volkswagen NILS

Volkswagen was also present at the auto show wanting to present its green car. The Volkswagen NILS is somewhat similar to the Audi Urban Concept because it is very light, it weighs only 460 kg it is fully electric and has features specific to race cars.

  •    Vauxhall RAK e concept

This model is pretty amazing, the Vauxhall RAK e concept which is very light, with only 380 kg and a speed power of 75 mph.


These are some of the see green cars at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that we saw, they are pretty amazing and we cannot stop wondering how soon we will change our normal cars with electric ones. It is hard to tell but we have a feeling that it will happen in the near future.

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