If you have lived your entire life washing the dishes by hand, it is likely that you don’t see the utility of the dishwasher, but at a closer look you will discover that this useful appliance is able to help you save water, energy and time, therefore it is an investment that is worth every penny. As an advanced tip, when you choose the dishwasher for your home, make sure it is Energy Star rated and that it includes features that allow you to reduce the time and power required for a washing cycle, so you will maximize the performance of your appliance.


You may think that you use less water while hand washing the dishes because you imagine a large dishwasher completely filled with water during a washing cycle, which is definitely a larger amount of water than you would use. However, you should know that the dishwasher in never fully filled with water, but only the bottom of the basin gets some water, so the amount of water used is smaller than the one you use while handwashing. The pumps throw the water at high pressure so that all the dishes get soaked and there is no water lost in the process, as the arms that hold the spraying heads rotate to make sure all the dishes are covered in water. Therefore, unless you can clean a greasy plate with less than a cup of water, the dishwasher is far more water-saving than you are. Moreover, the best dishwashers 2015 have special features that allow you to only load the dishwasher at full capacity and run a half-load program which consumes considerably less resources.


Given that the human body does not require electricity in order to work, you can say that washing the dishes by hand is more energy-saving, but state-of-the-art models of dishwasher use so little energy, that you may say they are the most energy-efficient option. The best dishwashers 2015 are energy rated and use very little electricity in order to complete a washing cycle. Also, by fully loading the unit, you will increase its efficiency and you will save more energy than running a half-loaded dishwasher. Another energy-saving tip is to turn off the heat dry option that would require more energy to heat the air inside the tub and dry the dishes. Also, modern models feature a short washing cycle that lasts less than the regular cycle so that the energy consumption is also lower. By using an Eco-friendly detergent that creates less foam and is less harmful to the environment, you will minimize the amount of water and energy used to clean and rinse the dishes. Therefore, you can state that the dishwasher is a green appliance that can help you consume less electricity.

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