How to Be Green at Home

August - 27 - 2012

With all this pollution around many people wonder how to be green at home because that is where it all starts. Many people do not realize how much money they can save by being green. In these hard times, when the economy is so bad, we need to make some changes in our lives. More and more people have started to adopt a green attitude at home. A

Here we are going to give you some tips and advice in how to be green at home.

  • One way you can become green is making some changes in your heating and cooling system. Just by doing some small changes you can save a lot of energy and money. If you want to save energy with cooling and heating your home all you have to do is keep your thermostat at about at 65° to 68° when it is cold outside, during winter. You do not have to wear a t-shirt during winter, it is not ok. However, during summer you should set your thermostat at 78° to 80°. If you think that is not enough just use fans.
  • If you want to be green at home you should also preserve water. Here are some of the things you can do:

-try to have shorter showers because this is the easiest way to waste water
-when you are washing your hair you should turn of the water while you are shampooing and conditioning
– install some low flow head for the shower and some faucet aerates
-if you want to reduce the water you use when you flush all you have to do is fill the tank with a couple of bottles or small bricks
-you should use the dishwasher when you are washing dishes because when you wash with your hands you waste a lot of water
-if you have a portable dehumidifier, don’t waste the water that it gathers but use it for watering plants or for washing the floors.

  • Water quality is also very important as being green is not just about caring for the environment but about protecting our health. On that note, you should know that tap water from most areas of the world is not safe to drink. Even in civilized countries such as the USA, people should use water filter systems if they want to drink tap water. You can find professional reviews on the top rated filters on the market on the

Furthermore certain dishwasher are adapted in order to be even more environmentally friendly. The top rated dishwashers take into account the green factor as certain machines are more Eco-friendly than others. However if you truly want to be green at home you should only run the machine when it is full and you should also use a green dishwasher soap. You will notice that not only will your water bills shrink but you will also save a lot of time and energy.

  • Do whatever you can to save energy in your home:

-when you are leaving a room you should turn off the lights

-when you need to change a light bulb you should replace it with one who lasts longer

-during the night you should shut down your computer or put it to sleep

-when you want to change your computer you should buy a laptop because it uses less energy that the normal one

-change all of your old domestic appliances such as the portable dehumidifier, the humidifier and other similar units. The latest models use a lot less energy and are more environmentally friendly.

You may think that certain green habits are too expensive such as changing your old appliances for newer ones. However newer models are more efficient and Eco-friendly than the old ones so in the long run you will save money while protecting the environment. The dishwasher in particular plays a very important part although most people don’t realize how much water they waste by hand washing. If you are having problems choosing the right dish washing machine you should consult several dishwasher rating systems and reviews. You will notice that the fanciest equipments are not always the most environmentally friendly.

This are the thing to do in how to be green at home, it is not hard you just have to change your life a little bit.

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