Of all the things considered dangerous around the house, the mattress is one item most people ignore, although it can seriously affect the health and the well-being of the family members if it is made of toxic materials or if it does not properly support the body. To eliminate any worries regarding the safety and efficiency of your mattress, here are some tips on how to buy an Eco-friendly mattress that is both comfortable and safe.

Look for organic and natural fabrics that have not been chemically treated

Most mattresses are made of artificial fibers or foam, which are far from being ecological, thus they are harmful to the body. Some contain toxic chemicals that even smell bad, others are processed with pesticides and other chemicals and given that you spend a third of your life in bed, the risks of getting sick are very high. Luckily, nowadays the ecological feature has become as popular as the firmness or size feature, meaning you have a wide range of Eco-friendly mattresses to choose from.

Opt for natural padding

If you are looking for innerspring mattresses with steel coils surrounded by fluffy padding, you can choose a mattress made of organic cotton or natural wool with steel coils that aren’t treated with chemicals.

Natural fire retardant materials

Most mattresses are required to be fire resistant, therefore they are treated with harmful chemicals to make sure they will not burn. The mattresses made of natural wool are fire and dust mite resistant, being great for people with allergies or asthma. When you buy a mattress made of sheep wool, look for a “Pure Grow Wool” label, which means the inside is completely made of natural wool coming from organically raised sheep and that the wool that has not been treated with chemicals.

Avoid the memory foam mattresses

If you take a look at some best mattresses 2015 tops, you will see a lot of memory foam mattresses in the top positions. Nevertheless, despite the fact that memory foam mattresses sound attractive due to their ability to memorize your body shape and maintain your body in a natural position, the foam is highly toxic due to the petroleum-based ingredients in it. Although you may find memory foam mattresses with an organic label on them, you should know that those are not 100% organic, but only a small percentage of their content has been replaced with plant-based oils instead of petroleum-based oils.

Choose natural latex over synthetic latex

The best mattresses 2015 models are the ones made of latex. The natural latex is derived from rubber trees, which makes it a more organic option than the petroleum-based latex in other mattresses. These types of mattresses cost a little more than others, but their combination of wool, unbleached cotton, latex foam and organic cotton fabrics create a safe and healthy sleeping environment.

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