Although you may think that your home is a clean and safe place for you and your family,there are many ways in which your home is polluted with chemicals and toxins that can affect your health and your well-being. Keeping a clean house is the first step you can take in maintaining your health, but sometimes this is not enough, as there are contaminants that are invisible to the human eye. Therefore, some devices that will help you clean your home of pollution will always come in hand.

How to clean the air in your home

The main reason of concern regarding the home pollution is the level of freshness and cleanliness of the air you breathe indoors. Although you may think that only the outdoor air is dirty and filled with contaminants, you should know that the air at home is also full of bacteria, germs, mites, gasses, tobacco smoke and toxins coming from cleaning products or materials used in building the house. If you suffer from allergies, it is likely that the condition is being influenced by the dust mites and mold spores existing in the air in your home, which can make you feel uncomfortable. An air purifier can help you clean your home of polluted air by filtering the air and removing the small particles of impurities that travel through the air. Air purifiers can eliminate up to 99% of the contaminants in the air, including allergens, bacteria, smoke, fungus and toxins, thus assuring you will breathe fresh and healthy air. If you feel like such a gadget would be useful in your home, you would do well to visit the website, where you will find numerous reviews that will help you choose the best air purifier.

Aside from an air purifier, the indoor air can also be cleaned with a dehumidifier which will take care of mold spores in the air by reducing the level of air humidity which is the main cause of mold and mildew in a house.

How to take care of water pollutants

Not only the air in your home can be polluted, but the water as well can contain chemicals and bacteria that can pose a risk to your health. By traveling through old and dirty pipes, water gets infected with heavy metals, germs and toxins that later get in your glass and into your body. If you add to this the chlorine that the water is treated with, you can be certain that the drinking water is very polluted and that you should take measures in purifying the water you and your family use. A water filter can solve the problem with polluted water in your household, as this device uses several filtering technologies to remove the dust, rust, bacteria, germs, gasses and heavy metals from the drinking water. You can install a water filter on every tap in your house to have clean water for drinking and showering or you can use a whole house water filter that goes on the main water pipe and purifies all the water running through the pipes in your household.
Depending on the contaminants you want to remove, you can choose from an activated carbon water filter, a reverse osmosis one, a UV filter or a distiller. Each of these water filters uses various technologies that can remove chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, lead, volatile organic compounds, germs, viruses and many other contaminants.

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