How to have a green wedding

December - 5 - 2011

If you did not know how to have a green wedding or it never crossed your mind that you can have one than we are here to tell you that it is possible. It is nothing more beautiful than marrying your loved one in and eco-friendly environment. You get to share your happiness with your loved ones and at the same time you protect earth.

Many people believe that when you choose to have a green wedding that translates into bigger costs but that is not true at all, actually you save a lot of money by doing this. Another thing which people think but it is not true is the fact that once you decide to have an eco-friendly wedding you have to drop all the nice decorations. Here we are going to give you some ideas on how to create you perfect green wedding in a perfect garden decoration.

  • Invitations

At every wedding you have to send out invitations to the people you want to attend at your wedding. Since a green wedding means protecting the environment than that should mean not printing your invitations on paper. Of course you cannot do that because is not formal but what you can do is use other methods for RSVP such as phone and email.

When you are printing your invitations try to use recycling paper because this way you do not pollute the environment.

  • Try a different kind of wedding gifts

Instead of going the old fashion way when everybody brings gifts you should ask them to give a donation instead. Since most couples today wait until they have a certain social status before they get married they can afford cutting back on gifts. So, you wedding gift should consist of a donation to a charity or foundation which you are fond of.

  • Clothes

At you green wedding you should ask your bridesmaids to pick up dresses that they will wear at least a second time. This way they will save money and they will not get stuck with a dress that they will never want to wear.

Since you are the bride you probably want an amazing dress. When you have a green wedding consider buying one from a vintage store, they have amazing models and it can be altered if it does not fit perfectly.

If you are eco-friendly than this is how to have a green wedding, it does not cost much and you can create what kind of theme you want.

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