How to Reuse Water at Home

December - 11 - 2014

Water is the most important natural resource, but at the same time it is misused. The supplies of food and drinking water are two of the most important things that should not be wasted and used more efficiently. To put this into practice, there are several strategies that everyone can use. We suggest some simple ways to reuse water in the house, to save money and conserve this important resource. Find out more in this article.

1. Use a bucket in the shower

The moment you turn on the shower to expect the water reaching at the desired temperature, you actually waste more water than you may think. You will be surprised to see how much water you save by simply placing a bucket to collect the water that didn’t reached the desired temperature level. The collected water can be used to water plants or washing dishes.

2. Place a barrel in your ward to collect rainwater

Rain water can be used to water your lawn or garden. It’s 100% safe to use because it doesn’t contain any chlorine or limestone. You don’t have to invest in an expensive harvesting system. All you have to do is yo place a barrel at the bottom of a downsprout; water is collected in a short time.

3. Keep water in which you boiled pasta or vegetables

Next time you make pasta, do not throw the precious water left in the pot. Once cooled, it can be used to water plants. The water we used to wash vegetables can also be reused. You can use it to water your garden or indoor plants. The amount of vitamins and minerals it contains will be highly beneficial for your plants.

4. Reuse the water from your dehumidifier device

Dehumidifiers are devices designed to lower the moisture level present in your home by extracting the water from the air. If you have a high humidity level in the basement and you use one of the best dehumidifier for basement units, you might have noticed that throwing all that water away is a huge waster. The amount of water stored in the dehumidifier tank can be also reused. It’s entirely safe to use it for watering plants, for flushing the toilet of for washing your floors. The best dehumidifier for basement units can also be connected to a hose and a drain. That might seem convenient, yet it is a huge waster of water. So, the next time you plan on emptying the dehumidifier tank, think about recycling the water.

5. Reuse drinking water

If you are trying to find more ways to reuse water at home, we offer you this next tip. Use any drinking water that has been left sitting out for too long to the point in which you can drink it anymore. Instead of throwing it away, water your indoor plants. Tea can also be used to water the plants, as long as it doesn’t contain sugar.

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