If you have not heard the news Samsung and T-mobile launched the S3030 Eco model in the near future. The coreean company Samsung along with the mobile company T-mobile present to us the S3030 Eco. The model will be first launched in Holland. We do not know yet is the model will be available for the rest of Europe.

  • Eco materials

Samsung used for this particular model the same materials it used for  W510, E200 Eco and F268. The new mobile is made out of bio plastic which is made out of from natural corn extract materials. For the confection of this mobile no hard materials were used such as: mercury, cadmium or other heavy materials.

The S3030 Eco model is equipped with its own accessories, such as: headphones and charges which are made ecological because they do not contain PVC or BFR materials. The mobile is equipped with a special alarm which worms the possessor when the battery is fully charged in order to save energy. At the same time, the entire package of the mobile phone is made out of recycling materials.

  • Technique information

The S3030 Eco model is a mobile phone inspired from Samsung Tobi, a mobile phone which was launched in 2008 as a phone for children. The technique specification are not so different from the model which served as an inspiration.

The Samsung The S3030 Eco model is a slider of 94,7 x 45,4 x 17,5 mm, with a display of 1,9 inch equipped with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels, a music player, FM radio, a photo camera of 1,3 MP and a memory card support for microSD.

This model will be launched somewhere in the near future. If you live an eco friendly life the you should consider buying this phone because, as we said earlier, it is made out if materials which do not harm the environment and you will be able to save a lot of energy tanks to the incorporated alarm which tells you when your phone is fully charged. This mobile phone has all the uses of any other phone and you can even search the internet for PC news and information on anything you like.

So, these are all the specifications we could find for Samsung S3030 Eco, now all that’s left to do is wait for it to be launched. If you want to buy one we have to tell you that this model will probably available only in Holland which means that you have to buy it from there but it does not matter because you have the possibility to protect the environment.

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