In America, millions of dollars are spent each year on bottled water. In the last years, the majority of the population has become aware of the fact that tap water is not very safe to drink as it contains numerous contaminants. As such, people turned to bottle water in order to protect their health. However, there are a lot of green concerns which revolve around bottled water. Nevertheless, with the recent development of the best whole house water filter models or the latest under-sink water filters, we now have a cheap and safe way of consuming tap water.

Health safety concerns

For starters, you need to understand that bottled water distributors don’t travel to the mountains in order to get their water from pure springs. They use normal water which they filter. In fact, their filtration methods are often similar to the filtration used by municipal water institutions. If you were to test all bottled water brands on the market, in certain bottles you would find plain tap water. Furthermore, the effects of plastic on bottled beverages have been studied thoroughly in the last decade. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the plastic used for bottled water releases certain cancerigen products in the water. Those levels are even higher when the bottled water has been left in high temperatures for a while. Given the fact that we don’t know how bottled water is stored across the world, we can’t precisely measure an average level of cangerigen molecules in tap water. However, it is safe to assume that frequent consumption of bottled water is not an ideal way of protecting your health.

Environmental concerns

In the 21th century, waste is a major environmental concern, particularly plastic waste. Just think about how much resources are being used in order to filter the water, bottle it, store it and ship it in different areas of the world. Furthermore, people are not in the habit of reusing plastic bottles and while recycling can lower the environmental impact of plastic bottles, it does not eliminate it completely. Therefore, if you care about the environment, you might want to diminish your plastic waste by finding an alternative to bottled water.

The solution

Home water filters can settle both the health and the environmental concerns surrounding bottled water. These appliances are designed in order to filter over 60 water contaminants, delivering water that is almost 100% pure. Whether you choose a plain counter top water filter or a whole house water filter, such an appliance can greatly improve your life. We personally advise you to focus on the best whole house water filter models, as they are more durable and they will allow you to rest assured knowing that you are protected from water contaminants for up to 15 years. Furthermore, it will safe you a lot of money as you will be able to drink water directly from the tap, without spending money on shady bottled water.

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