Buying garden furniture means choosing from different types of materials for garden furniture, the only problem is which one is the best and why. Garden furniture is a special furniture, specially designed for the exterior, made out of strong materials. The most common used materials for making garden furniture are wood, plastic and metal. Depending of the design and the brand some pieces of furniture, made out if cheap materials, can be more expensive than the ones made out of valuable materials.

Before you decide on the materials from which you want you garden furniture to be made out of you should decide on a budget.  Even though we like beautiful and elegant furniture the price is the one who decides in the end. For those with a small budget plastic is the perfect option. Most of the times you will find a furniture set which includes chairs and a table at the price of a wooden chair.

Garden furniture made out of metal

  • Garden furniture made out of steel

Steel is the most common material used for making garden furniture. This type of material has been used successfully for hundreds of years. Because of its resistance steel is ideal for making furniture, metallic bars and ornamental objects. If you want to give your furniture a classic look then you should choose steel.

  • Garden furniture made out of aluminum

Aluminum is a more convenient alternative for the steel furniture. This material is resistant and lighter than steel. Actually, aluminum is the most used material in the word because of its flexibility. Garden furniture made out of aluminum is more expensive than the one made out of steel.

Garden furniture made out of wood

  • Garden furniture made out of pine

Pine is the most popular and the cheapest wood used for making furniture garden. This wood is also often used in constructions. With proper care, pine furniture can resist for many years. If you want a classic, easy to maintain furniture than you should choose one made out of pine.

  • Garden furniture made out of cedar

Cedar is a special wood with a recognizable smell. This wood is preferred for its esthetic features, for its red color and as wells for its remarkable resistance to humidity and insects, which makes it perfect for garden furniture.

Garden furniture made out of plastic

If you have a small budget the furniture garden made out of plastic is the one for you. It can be found in many different colors  and shapes and it can give you that modern look to you garden.

These are the types of materials for garden furniture that you can choose from when you want to buy one.

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