Whether you call it “web site scraping”, “web data extraction” or “web harvesting”,  this process makes a lot of sense in the business environment, for it enables easy access to a wealth of information available through online platforms. It streamlines market research processes for any company and organization and plays an essential role in the strategic decision-making process. There are still many companies that perform the copy-paste process by themselves, which is a reliable solutions, but it is also very expensive and time-consuming. In this case, the best alternative is to use a web site scraping program that is designed to collect information in a very short time frame and to save it into the required format according to the needs and interests of its users.

Web site scraping technologies represent highly important tools that provide relevant information for personal and professional use. They streamline many core business processes with minimum of resources involved and therefore, they increase productivity without any complications. The god thing is that the process of collecting and analyzing information can be outsourced to one of the companies that operate in this field of activity. This is actually a very cost-effective solution given that these companies makes use of advanced technologies to extract any type of information from any type of websites, including dynamic platforms, which are quite difficult to explore. Furthermore these companies, also known as data mining companies, use sophisticated algorithms to surf the pieces of information and identify correlations and patterns so that policies can be designed to make the decision-making process as accurate as possible.

One of the most important things that business managers should keep in mind when employing web site scraping services is the reputation of a particular service provider. It’s worth mentioning that web site scraping is a legal process, especially since the information is already available over the internet, but it is also prone to unethical practices. Consequently it is recommended to select a company with a vast experience and expertise in this field, a team of experts able to employ the right technology in order to provide excellent results and keep clients satisfied. The intriguing part is that many website administrators have learned to restrain the access to their websites for any web site scraping tool or use all sorts of methods to block certain IP addresses of web content search. Industry insiders know exactly how to act in these situation making use of proxy data harvesting technology to solve the problem without breaking the terms of use of a website.

“Do-it-yourself” is never an option when the web site scraping process relies on proxy data scraping technology, given that creating this type of  network is time-consuming and requires a group of IP addresses servers, uses proxies and eventually everything must be set up perfectly. Renting selected proxies hosting providers is definitely an expensive option, but it is definitely a very reliable course of action. Of course, there is literally thousands of free proxy servers located all over the world that are quite easy to use, but the tricky part is to find those that are open and compatible with the type of protocols that the user needs. This requires expertise so it is always better to outsource these services to a company that knows exactly what solutions are required in a given scenario.

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