What is solar energy?

November - 28 - 2011

Have you you ever wondered what is solar energy, well it is the energy that comes from the sun. The energy sent by the sun reaches Earth in a specific form called solar radiations, radiations which can be caught and transformed into other types of energy: electric, thermal or mechanic. Thus, the solar energy can be used is different fields, from agriculture to research.

The first attempts of using solar energy date back to the last century . Nowadays, this type of energy can be found in many fields. The main ways in which the solar energy is used are:

  • The production of thermal energy: heating water, heating houses or green houses.
  • The production of electric energy through specific celles.

All of these are signs of evolution, from simply charging a pocket calculator to solar plants which can provide energy to an entire district. But the usage of it does not stop here, just look at the solar devices that we can find on the market, from watches to satellites.

Why solar energy?

Because it is available in huge quantities, inexhaustible and ecological. The abstraction of solar energy  in non polluting and does not have negative side effects on the environment and solar panel not spoil garden decoration because fits perfect into this . Since the state of our planet has started to degradate more and more people are starting to take this matter into consideration more seriously than before.

We can see that people have started to care about their planet in the numbers. The production of solar energy thous solar pannels has grown from 0,04% in 2004 to 0,3%, and it is estimated that it has reached 0,4% in 2010. The percentage is still very small but we must appreciate peoples effort, the fact that they has started to care .  Along with the development of technology solar energy will be more and more used.

So, know that you know what is solar energy you will take into consideration doing some changes in your lifestyle becayse weather you want to or not these changes will happen eventually so why not start now.Solar energy is certainly an alternative for use especially in the future. The right word for now is only alternative, like the sea and aeolian energy. The main reason why they remain alternative is because our population needs a huge amount of energy which can only be provided by plants who run on charcoal or nuclear ones. In the future this situation will be different for sure. However, in the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt if every one of us would do some PC research and surf the internet for more information about this alternative source of energy which might just save us all from pollution and the use of perishable resources.

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