Although there are many natural methods to stay cool during the summer, such as drinking more water or wearing lighter fabrics, the heat from inside can still make you feel uncomfortable and cause you to sweat a lot. If you are planning to invest in a room fan, but you’re thinking about the harmful effects that these devices can have on the environment, you can consider getting an eco-friendlier fan. Read this article to find out which types of room fans are environmentally friendly.

Ceiling fans

Many people underestimate the cooling abilities of a ceiling fan. Even though these device has a sleek appearance that can improve the overall design and decor of any room in the house, they represent an efficient solution to beat the heat inside the home.

  • How much electricity do ceiling fans consume?
    Ceiling fans are considered to be very energy efficient, due to the fact that they consume a small amount of electricity. Today’s fans are more energy efficient as they use as much power as a 100 watt light bulb.
  • Power savings
    In addition to that, ceiling fans have a silent operation and they are also more efficient than other types of fans. Most ceiling fans include five speed, from low to high, to allow you to cool a room properly, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, when used properly, ceiling fans can help you make some money savings in summer allowing you to save up to 40% in air conditioning costs.

Tower fans

Tower fans have a different design from ceiling fans. For starters, they sit on the floor and are very compact, making them the perfect choice for cooling an entire room within taking too much place in the house.

  • Air distribution
    If you are trying to find an energy efficient way to cool a large room, you should know that theĀ top tower fans come with osculating features, and they are able to distribute air to a large area of the room. Tower fans distribute air at a 90 degree angle while oscillating, which makes them very effective. Moreover, most models offer air ionization, which gives the room a fresh feeling.
  • Are tower fans Eco-friendly?
    Tower fans can be extremely Eco-friendly as well because most of the tower fan models that you see on the market have been made with the intention to preserve the environment. One of the most efficient top tower fans that you can find on the consumer market is the Dyson AM07. This tower fan comes with a timer that automatically shuts off the fan at 15 minutes up to nine hours, allowing to save power and preserve the environment.

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